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appearance since we carried the tournament. bill: in 1982. verne: the big guy puts richmond asleep if they do not change it. they make it more physical and not let him dominate. bill: kicks out. there is dellavedova, rims around. verne: he hangs tough, doesn't he? bill: he is a competitor, that kid. they got a bunch of them. watching richmond, there were not many teams that had their way offensively, as you can see the penetration. they mixed the game up, st. mary's. the postgame entry is a major part of it, so easily done. sets everything else up. verne: explain to me the attractiveness the bi-colored mouthpiece. bill: maybe he played hockey as a youngster and it is not a mouthpiece. a lot of guys do that. it is the team uniform, the blue and the white. verne: yeah. bill: that is a man that is sure of himself with the ladies, one of the two. verne: largest lead of the game, five points by st. mary's. here is geriot. tied up at the half. kevin smith, not that much of a scorer, really. bill: he likes to go hard at the rim. nice open shot he passed up. go after him on the bounce. that is better
carried the tournament. bill: in 1982. verne: the big guy puts richmond asleep if they do not change it. they make it more physical and not let him dominate. bill: kicks out. there is dellavedova, rims around. verne: he hangs tough, doesn't he? bill: he is a competitor, that kid. they got a bunch of them. watching richmond, there were not many teams that had their way offensively, as you can see the penetration. they mixed the game up, st. mary's. the postgame entry is a major part of it, so easily done. sets everything else up. verne: explain to me the attractiveness the bi-colored mouthpiece. bill: maybe he played hockey as a youngster and it is not a mouthpiece. a lot of guys do that. it is the team uniform, the blue and the white. verne: yeah. bill: that is a man that is sure of himself with the ladies, one of the two. verne: largest lead of the game, five points by st. mary's. here is geriot. tied up at the half. kevin smith, not that much of a scorer, really. bill: he likes to go hard at the rim. nice open shot he passed up. go after him on the bounce. that is better. verne: gonza
and yesterday their undefeated record was on the line against the richmond raiders. second quarterback, mike jenkins, fell back and, he fights off the tackle and takes his arrest away from the score. raiders traveled 27-18. 3rd quarter, raiders looking to take the lead. he pays the price on the touch down, oh, he looks in pain. richmond takes the 31-30 lead. richard johnson tackles it for the mariners and he has got blockers in front and just like chris mccalsster, he takes it end zone to send zone fo end zoe touch down. first quarter, mariners, inside of the raiders, takes the direct sap, and goes behind the line across the plains of the 4 mariners lead 35-38. richmond trails 45 of 45. and stephen miller open across the middle but check out the hit by the watt and keep them out of the end zone. that would be huge because the raiders have one last chance to win the game. the meaners deepen, hold strong and baltimore goes to 4-on the year with a thrilling 49-45 win over richmond. >>> let's take a look at the remaining games for the mariner. they're on the road but they're back home against ha
well south of washington. clouds will start to make ware they as far as north as richmond an charlottesville, fredericksburg, maybe a few high, thin clouds and may see a few toward washington. if you are in the northern part of the viewing area, nothing but sunshine. one or two clouds. that's the only thing we have to deal with. pretty much a sunny forecast for the next several days. the high temperature forecast for today, depending for the beltway and within. mid-60s. 66 college park. 65 arlington. 65 springfield and ft. belvoir. herndon and toward sterling 67, 68, 68 degrees depending where you are. prince georges county lower to mid-60s. overnight in the 30s. lower to mid-40s. it's a couple of degrees warmer for low temperatures and then tomorrow, back up and touching upon 70-degree temperatures in some cases. northern virginia i think that springfield, ft. belvoir, manassas, dulles area is where i think we will hit the 70 degrees. st. patrick's day is beautiful. warm temperatures. we will call it warm since we haven't experienced 70 in such a long time temperature spr
for this time of year. richmond at 50 degrees. cooler temperatures of to the north and east. new york city looking at only 37, but out to the west of us, milder air is part of the system that eventually will bring us warmer temperatures. an area of low pressure developing in the midportion of the country continues to spin and will move in our direction over the next 24 hours or so, and then bring one to 2 inches of rain by the time all is said and done with this system. increasing clouds and the overnight hours and wins will be out of the southeast at 5-10 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, cloudy skies and cool temperatures. showers will develop to the west and make their way toward the east. winds out of this out at 5-15 miles an hour. the rush hour commute on monday could become heavy at times. the high temperature just around 55 degrees. wait until you take a look at the extended outlooks. we are taking a look at the warmer air that is going to arrive by the end of the upcoming week. here is the extended outlook. this is not a mistake. temperatures in the lower 60's by the end of the wor
, but not going to amount to much. temperatures to this of the bus -- richmond, 65 degrees. 52 -- temperatures to the south of us. richmond, 65 degrees. we have a lot of moisture and clouds to move out of here. it looks like it will move out by wednesday -- by monday. sunshine ves into the forecast. the showers are moving toward the north. areas of low pressure are just south of us. this guy has cooled down nicely. -- a the -- the sky has cooled down nicely. loudo county is under a flood warning. the flood watch has been cancelled for the entire metro area. coastal flood advisory is in effect for the overnight hours. let's give this a little bit of time as the low pressure moves out of here. we will see some sunshine. that will be on monday. like rain tonight -- light rain tonight. temperatures in the lower-50's. up to showers will stick around, but it will not amount -- a few showers will stick around, but not like we had today. temperatures could warm to around 60 degrees on wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> look at that forecast. that is nice. >>> going out to sports. college basketball i
saturday evening, including everybody. even to richmond right now. everybody is under the flood watch. the counties in green in pennsylvania and west virginia out of our viewing area are under flood warnings and the snow pack is impressive. so that's why west of the divide, flowing through the ohio river, not the chesapeake real concerns of flooding there. temperatures rather cold. they are being kept down. we have readings in the upper 40s in gaithersburg and baltimore to the lower 50s and they are not going to move much. one more thing before we go. the afternoon doesn't look too bad. look at how the rain goes back in to tonight an tomorrow morning. going to get heavy rains that will cause problems. >>> medics have rushed two people to the hospital after a crash this morning involving a fire truck. broken glass and twisted metal are scattered across the intersection of 14th street and constitution avenue northwest. both streets have reopened. officials say the truck was responding to a call when it collided with two cars. none of the emergency workers was injured. the two victims, h
and even the mountains oakland 48. cumberland 59. we are at 60 and down south, richmond 65. a little cooler south and east where the winds coming off the bay are keeping it cooler. this morning a few sprinkles and some across the eastern shore with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. while things are quiet, i want to caution there is a flood watch for later tonight through saturday evening for areas in washington county west, the west virginia panel. still a lot of snow pack in the allegheny potomac highlands. that will melt combined with the rains. we could get a flood watch if this is expanded east. looks like rain chances will be going up later on tonight through the weekend. we will have details coming up in 12 minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much, howard. >>> it was a tirade that shook captiol hill. congressman patrick kennedy became enraged and he went on for two minutes concerning u.s. policy in afghanistan and the media. joel brown reports from captiol hill. >> from rhode island -- >> reporter: congressman # congressman pa tick kennedy smiled and then went off. >> we are ta
did admit to that his office in richmond had taken a bullet? -- how, you did not mention that his office in richmond had taken a bullet? >> they said that it was heading downward, fired up into the air. >> it was not aimed at him. >> were you there? >> no, the police said. >> it was 1:00 in the morning. >> can i say anything here? i think it is a remarkable coincidence that the bullet goes up in the air and ends up in the office of rep who is republican. i think he might at least mentioned it. all of this is being traced to rhetoric on the part of republicans. this is a free country, this is an impassioned debate over extremely important issue. i did not hear incitement to any of violence on the part of any officials in the republican party. to attribute loonies and people in science -- people holding signs to people in the republican leadership is partisan rubbish. >> on the floor of the house, when bart stupak was speaking, one of his republican colleagues yelled out "baby killer." we should not be going there, and i would not care if it was the flip side, either. >> democratic
the old dominion in richmond has a law on the books directly at odds with what president obama signed into law in washington yesterday. virginia governor bob mcdonald firing the first shot in a state's right battle over the key part of the new federal healthcare law. the issue? can the federal government mandate citizens purchase healthcare in. >> we have not been able to find any precedent based on a clause or anywhere else that the u.s. constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of a service. >> reporter: the new law signed by the governor, said that virginians will not be subjected to the now federal mandate. to defend their position, the republican attorney general filed suit against the federal government on tuesday. >> the traditional role the attorney general is, among other things, to defend virginia's laws and to protect, sworn to protect the constitutions of the united states and virginia. >> reporter: virginia democratic leaders who sent president obama's new healthcare law filed a freedom of information act demanding to know how much money kucinelli is sp
against richmond. joe lonardi, they have do itten on the outside looking in. chris wright, coming up with a big block back the other way. the ensuing possession, paul williams knocking down the three. and take that. flyers up by six. here comes richmond. david gonsavez. spiders five of nine from the in the second half. one of nine before halftime from distance. gonsavez had 14 points in this one. under a minute to play. dayton down by four. rob lowery. and one. now, the flyers would not, though, have a field goal the rest of the way. that spans more than five minutes. under 20 seconds to play. chris johnson, can't get it to go. spiders, they hold on for the win. maybe crushing dayton's hopes for an ncaa tournament bid. >>> to the nba. two megastars. kobe bryant, going up against dwyane wade in south beach. under 20 seconds to go in the fourth. heat down by one. quentin richardson for three. had seven triples in the game. he had 25 points, a season high. ensuing lakers' possession. who else? kobe. the black mamba. he goes for 39. and he ties the me at 99-99. in the extra session, kobe
into a round of me calling. someone fired a shot at his office in richmond and is accusing democrats of using the incidents to score political points and tom fitzgerald is live with the details. tom? >> reporter: shawn, the last several days, democratic and republican leaders have been trying to come together to denounce the threats and acts of iolence and seemed to fall a part -- earlier in the day, several democrats say they were subjected to threats and violence. canitor related an incident he said relates to political dealings by the democratic chairman and maryland congressman vis van holland who canitor said are trying to benefit politically from the incidents. the house speaker nancy pelosi again urged both democrats and republicans to come together to denounce the behavior and canitor related the incident at his office in richmond. >> just recently, i have been directly threatened. a bullet was shot through my window this week in my campaign office and i received threatening e-mails. >> and anyone's mind that those expressions and accidental and they have no place in a civil debate in
the golden arches the set is stage for the golden oldies. ♪ just like ♪. >> reporter: gary richmond is a singing stockbroker who talked mcdonald's two years ago into turning its dining room into a sin nsinatra dining room. when it started his show drew a few friends, but two years later there's a following. >> we are at the front row to watch this as a vip. ♪ ♪ let's give mcdonald's. >> reporter: for an hour and a half richmond and a troop of performers take the crowd down memory lane. some get a burger. >> mcdouble no mustard. >> reporter: but everyone gets a ballad. ♪ >> don't bother me at mcdonald's. sinatra used to go up to brooklyn and eat hot dogs up there. >> reporter: among the faithful that flock here each momonday are a bologna salesmana belly dancer and a retired dancer. >> i think our days . >> reporter: wilbur bar ren used to dance at broadway. now he swings through mcdonald's front room. >> what who we be doing? it's something to look guar ford to. we go to hollywood on monday night. >> reporter: of the hundreds of guests who come for a quick carry out. >> i
, richmond 44, norfolk 43. as you head upward into philly around 45 and 47 in new york. now, this is what i want to show you, maryland's most powerful radar. i zoomed in on the heavier greens. you're seeing heavy rain into glen burnie and greenhaven and as you slide south into pasadena as well. you'll head out and b know what you're in for as we go through the day. make sure that do you have an umbrella. we cannot rule out maybe a little bit of mixing with snow as we go into the afternoon as well. and now to kim brown. >>> major roadways checking in incident free. but the slick conditions are causing a couple incidents this morning. take a quick feck. look at milford mill, we have an accident on north rolling road. we have a report of an overturned vehicle. a truck reportedly flipped into a snowbank. so be on the lookout. and southbound on 95 approaching the fort mchenry toll plaza, the reports of a disabled vehicle out of the travel lanes. the travel times look pretty good as you come out of ricer town and owings mills. we'll be right back with more of your top stories when "good morning m
'm talking about, huh? close to 70 degrees in richmond and norfolk. roanoke around 63. 66 in philly and also new york. oh yes. right now, temperatures not at that point, but we're definitely on our way up there. temperatures already above average this time of year. 37 degrees right now into baltimore. 44 in richmond, norfolk. 36 in pittsburgh. we have another nice day that's going to on tap for us. we have to get out there and enjoy it. looking, wondering, okay, you're saying it's going to be nice. we can see some of the nastier weather. we have spritz and sprinkles thrown back into georgia and we have showers, heavier rain along the coast of south carolina, north carolina, now it's time for me to show you why we aren't going to get in on that rainy action, the cloudy action. we have high pressure in control of our weather. with high pressure, it's going to keep those clouds away from us. it'll keep it at bay. that's what we definitely like. we'll be feeling lots of sunshine, seeing lots of sunshine throughout the day. the forecast model is showing you that. we'll be getting lots of sunshine
't have any complaints. 69 in richmond, norfolk at 62. charleston came in at 65 degrees. philly and also new york city coming in at 66 degrees. temperatures right now, not too bad and we are going to have temperatures, once again, above average for this time of the year. we should be around 35. 36 right now into baltimore. 35 in allatoona. pittsburgh at 34 degrees. 41 into richmond. norfolk at 44 degrees. now the satellite and radar, this is a bigger picture here, we can see we have showers, um, a few thunderstorms maybe around north carolina, south carolina and all this is courtesy of this system here. the good news is that is this going to stay away from us. we like this, you know what? because of high pressure. high pressure is going to be bringing plenty of sunshine into our area for today. you can see what it's doing. it's keeping clouds away from us. with high pressure you get that sinking air. in the meantime, we have the battle of the high pressure and low pressure, but high pressure is definitely going to win out. that's what we like to see. we're looking good as we head into fr
the violent end to a police chase in richmond, when a van flipped over with several children inside. >>> the search intensifies for an oil executive who disappeared after a night on bourbon street. >>> the district spent more than $70,000 at mcdonald's during the blizzard. >>> are we in for another nice one? >> a chilly night coming up. more spring break weather on the way tomorrow. >>> lindsay, what's happening in sports? >> the former redskins player returns to his former team. also, demassa versus gonzaga. and the stars align for >>> toyota is dealing with another report of a malfunctioning gas pedal. a highway patrol car had to act as the brakes for this toyota prius. the squad car was able to get in front of the toyota and slow it down and eventually stop it. a 911 call reported the car had a stuck accelerator. toyota said it sent investigators to the scene. >>> a man who led police on a highspeed chase near richmond appeared in court today. the 19-year-old tried to run people off the road last month. his children were in the car, they were in car seats and not injured. the man
in around 67 degrees in baltimore. check out richmond, close to 70 degrees. we'll get to 70s, coming up in put 7-day forecast. in the meantime, yesterday, 62 in norfolk. check out philly and new york. 66 degrees, 62 allatoona. pittsburgh around 63 degrees. our temperatures right now, they are finally starting to rise. that's what we like to see. 46 degrees right now into baltimore. 45 in philly. 53 in new york. 50 in norfolk. 45 in richmond. roanoke around 45. little cooler into pittsburgh and charleston, but you know what? we are definitely going to have a beautiful day with temperatures topping out close to 70 degrees. the satellite and radar, not picking up such great weather, maybe heading to the south. we do have this system off into the atlantic there. what it's doing is kicking back cloud cover. also, we're getting rain across the carolinas. heavy at times. you can see the yellows and reds. you know what we're seeing, closer to home here. the area of high pressure is going to be our friend. with that it's going to keep the clouds away and we'll be seeing ample sunshine throughout
-level clouds, south of fredericksburg and richmond army. on the whole, it is going to be a very pleasant evening to be outside and great stretch of weather coming our way as well. temperatures staying above the 60-degree mark through 7:00 tonight. back into the mid 50s by 11:00 p.m. clear skies and shamrocks for your evening plans going outside. happy st. patrick's day. 70 degrees. here we come. we will get there tomorrow. question is can we keep it warm tall way into the weekend? i will give thank you details of the 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. >> all right. for the record, pat was referring to saturday. >> i know. >> that's not the official beginning of spring. >> technicalities. >> i know. >> we are coming down to the wire to a climactic vote on health care reform. president obama picked up a vote. it is if first public declaration of a switch by democrats. congressman dennis kucinich of cleveland now says he will vote yes. for more on what that may mean we go live to steve handelsman. >> reporter: good afternoon. on the hill, president obama and democratic leaders need mor
to the south of us and to richmond, across areas to the north and to the d.c. areas where they're getting a bit of a break and as i said, that will change as a lot of the moisture has to come from the south and has our way. as we look at true view, the bigger picture, you can see the wide swath of heavy rainfall to the north of us and new england is getting pounded. that is part of the same system that is reaching to the west. take a look at indianapolis and further west. all of that associated with the circulation of the system that is going to bring us more rainfall. as much as the rain is spread wide, so are the watches and warnings. we're under a flood watch through sunday evening. sunday night and some areas under a flood warning such as berkeley, jefferson, morgan, frederick, mad mad; loudoun county, virginia, until sunday morning and they're seeing the evidence of creeks and streams swelling to their peak and roads closed because of the wet weather. and this is some of the amounts. a half an inch for national, less than a quarter of an inch for dulles and almost two and a quarter inches
african-american chief judge of the georgia court of appeals. and in 2009 the augusta-richmond county commission decided to name the new richmond county judicial center in augusta in jack ruffin's honor. judge ruffin's selfless and brave pursuit of equal justice for everyone earned the respect and admiration of everyone for generations to come. i urge my colleagues to support this resolution, and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from tennessee. mr. cohen: mr. speaker, i yield three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from georgia, mr. barrow. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia, mr. barrow, is recognized for three minutes. mr. barrow: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding. mr. speaker, i rise today in support of h.res. 1087, a resolution honoring my good friend, judge ruffin of augusta, georgia. he passed away on january 29 at the age of 75. he had a long and distinguished career service in georgia and he'll truly be missed. jack ruffin was born in
office in richmond, disproving the motion made by democrats that the gop is boring public anger. >>its reckless use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain. >> two cases of broken windows this week at district offices. >> it makes the case a little less clear as to who is being targeted. >> now republicans are accusing democrats of using the issue for political gain democrats are blaming republicans for using language encouraging violent behavior. analysts say both parties are guilty of playing politics. >> thank you. 53 degrees. >> still ahead, the tax man has his sights set on marion barry, in trouble again. >> we have a preview of the national cherry blossom festival. but first we have major traffic issues. this is 270 near clarksburg road. lisa baden is coming back with details of what's going on. you are watchi >> a very good morning. brian van de graaff. kelantan. temperatures in the 50's. 40's to the landing spot for us this afternoon. 30's and 20's overnight. the storms can in motion shows where the showers are, down to our se, leonardtown, leaving out of frederick
greenway, the dulles toll road, 66, and along 270. 95 is good between richmond and baltimore. we take you live to 270 at falls road a moving at speed. >> thank you. >>> life is beginning to give back to normal at the pentagon. the entrance and nearby transit center will be open today. this follows thursday's double shooting a. brianne carter is live with the latest from the investigation. good morning. >> thursday when all this happened, there was some confusion on friday for people who were trying to get where they needed because it metro station was closed down. now, this comes as we learn more information from the man said to be responsible. more than 72 hours after the tragic shooting, the department of defense said the entrance is now reopened. police say john patrick bedell opened fire at the entrance before being fatally shot. he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. >> i believe it was an isolated incident. >> the pentagon metro station was shut down on friday. >> i would have liked to have seen someone tossed where to go. i figured to just follow the crowd. >> i work with soldiers
. beltway traffic is good. good into richmond and baltimore. clear at the airports. we see the light climb of traffic for now. this is 95 virginia. traffic northbound leaving the beltway on the way to fredericksburg. metro rail says the first trains are out on normal service. >> thank you. >>> we are on storm watch as to rain continues to fall. >> there is problems for drivers and homeowners. stephen tschida it is live in old town with conditions of their. >> the melting snow, and the heavy rain has combined to cause problems. this is what we're experiencing in old town, alexandria. the areas closest to the potomac are under water. a river swollen from mountains of melting snow and hit with runoff from heavy rains. people are bracing for the impact. >> if you're on the waterfront, you will get wet. >> alexandra has seen plenty of floods over the years. >> for these people, hopefully it is as dead as it will get. >> authorities closed some roads. residents did what they could to keep their merchandise drive. >> the stock is up high. >> you see some of the sand bags. those are what the owner
? and how about the richmond spiders. they have won 12 of their last 14 games. are they going to make it into the tournament? it's 2010. what happened to cloning ourselves? i mean, if we at coke zero can copy real coke taste with zero calories... why can't you have more you? they didn't actually have the foundation that i need. i mean, they had the bad one that-- made my skin break out but i am not buying that. ( french grunting, laughter ) we don't know how it would work. mmmm... but we do know things can be cloned. i'm lookin' at you, scientists. ♪ da da da-da-da-da throughout our lives, we encounter new opportunities. at the hartford, we help you pursue them with confidence. by preparing you for tomorrow. while protecting what you have today. you've counted on us for 200 years. let's embrace tomorrow. and with the hartford behind you, achieve what's ahead of you. it's chevy truck month. where it's a great time to get your chevy silverado half-ton. it's a consumer's digest best buy. and its powertrain is backed for 100,000 miles. chevy the most dependable, longest lasting full siz
to raise is the richmond airport. the richmond airport back in 2004 was doing a significant upgrade its facilities. it was tsa asked to the inline explosive detection systems richmond said they would go ahead and start down this path. tsa committed to work with richmond airport. tsa said, i don't even have all the data here coming into thousand five well we don't have the money right now, but you guys keep on going and we will be there for you. richmond airport proceeded to go ahead and put in this state of the art detection system at tsa request. the finished the system in 2007. $3.6 million additional still no payment. and in terms of via i think it's bad business, if it is also bad faith and an example of not the kind of a collaborative effort to want to have with your local airport authorities. so i raise this with you. as of your predecessors. i would really love to hear an explanation of how not only the specific circumstance of richmond will be dealt with but my understanding there are other airports around the country have made investments in current technology at the request of
attorney general fooling suit against the federal government. tom fitzgerald is live in richmond. what is this about? >> reporter: this is going to come down to a legal argument. the republicans say it's against the u.s. constitution for the federal government of washington to mandate that virginians have to buy medical insurance coverage. so as a result, late this afternoon, the governor bob mcdonald put his signature to three pieces of legislation, the virginia health freedom insurance act. this said that all virginians will not be required to purchase coverage which, is the exact opposite of what the law president obama signed into action yesterday into the east room of the white house and this new sets up a big legal battle between the state of virginia and the u.s. federal government, one which state democrats say is going to run up a legal bill and they're sig -- they're saying it's a big waste of time and money. >> we don't believe, either constitutionally or a matter of policy that the u.s. congress should mandate the purchase of the student on the virginia. >> virginians work
while visiting st. louis. lawmakers in richmond are trying to block some of the plans. the republican led legislature rejected any mandates. >> if you have a provision mandating that virginians are required under federal law to buy health insurance we object to that. >>> 34 orstate legislatures have other measures but virginias is the first to pass. >>> in ma rowe maryland a local lawmakers is leading the charge to keep teens out of tanning booths. kristin fisher has that story. >> if the bill goes through it could have an impact on tanning salons like this palm beach tan behind me in rockville and could impact tanning salons all over maryland. right now opponents are finding it hard in the general assembly but meeting stiff opposition. just yesterday, representatives from the maryland coalition for the prevention of skin cancer and the american cancer society testified before lawmakers in support of the proposed legislation. if passed here is what it would do. it would ban anyone under 18 from using a tanning bed in maryland. they require parental consent and it is already outlawed i
york and 34 in richmond and roanoke at 43 and they'll hit the 60s. and we'll check it out, a few high clouds the last few house and they're slipping to the south and high pressure is in control and that disturbance is sliding address virginia mountains. and very active branch of the jet stream and this is something we've had to deal with all winter long. we're looking at the high pressure in control and the difference here is high pressure protects us from the southern system. as it locks in, we'll switch from the south west and we'll warm up and tapping into the moisture and bringing it here by wednesday and thursday. and no cloud cover and limited cloud cover today and heading into tomorrow afternoon, maybe high clouds will work their way in and more of the clouds wednesday will come with rain for the rest of the week. pretty much every day for the second half of the week and into the weekend. for today, enjoy it and a chance to enjoy the soil and we'll have some of the golf courses opening up! who would have thought. >> and we'll slip back quickly tonight and we'll settle at 34 deg
campaign office in richmond this week. >> both sides being targeted and both blame the other for inciting anger. capitol police and the fbi are examining east record >> you can way who are just operating with not a full deck, but others are meaner and dangerous. >> with the package of fixes passed by the senate, it is ready for final house approval. the gislation will then be over, at least for now. >> today, health insurance reform is the law of the land, all across america. >> back to that package of fixes that will include more drug benefits for medicare recipients and get rid of the sweetheart deal, the cornhusker deal. the house is anxious to get this done. there would like to vote on it and be done with it by this evening so they can begin their spring recess as scheduled. >>> more on our top story -- catholics united, a group launching a series of television advertisement asking people to thank catholic members of congress for passing health care bill. >>> $15 billion in bailout money is going to help strugglg homeowners today. they announced changes to the obama administration pro
not come through the circumstance and case in point i'm going to raise is the richmond airport. the richmond airport back in 2004 was doing a significant upgrade its facilities. it was tsa asked to the inline explosive detection systems richmond said they would go ahead and start down this path. tsa committed to work with richmond airport. tsa said, i don't even have all the data here coming into thousand five well we don't have the money right now, but you guys keep on going and we will be there for you. richmond airport proceeded to go ahead and put in this state of the art detection system at tsa request. the finished the system in 2007. $3.6 million additional still no payment. and in terms of via i think it's bad business, if it is also bad faith and an example of not the kind of a collaborative effort to want to have with your local airport authorities. so i raise this with you. as of your predecessors. i would really love to hear an explanation of how not only the specific circumstance of richmond will be dealt with but my understanding there are other airports around th
with that in the background. well, that was exciting. >> oh, yes. >> and my richmond spiders lost. >> well, there's always today. >>> all right, 72 degrees today and sunshine and blue skies and warm like yesterday. continues into the week and march begins and march madness, well, we started out with march madness and it's ending and spring tomorrow, 1:32 p.m. enjoy. >>> i didn't go to richmond, but my son's girlfriend goes there and works on the paper there. check out this video and stay tuned discovery channel put together a new series, it's called "life" and it's how animals adapt and evolve and reproduce. again, oprah is also involved in that and we'll tell you how and we'll talk to the producer and we'll talk to sharon and tim's here with the first warning weather after this. ,,,, >>> saturday and sunday, the front gets here lite and we could hear rumbles of thunder with the mixing of air. we're transitioning from the cooler air and that's from the northwest. we're not going to see the system dumping snow in the rockies. sunset at 7:17 and south wind at 5 knots. going to 72 degrees and warm and sun an
something like that? >> this update from police in richmond. the believe that all it was shot up in the air and not intended to be shot through the window. regardless, they are taking that potential threat and any others against members of congress seriously. >>> all of this happened as the senate voted to approve the list of fixes to the health care law. we will take a closer look at these fixes and here with the president had to say about them at a rally in iowa. >>> of frightening morning for a northwest washington woman. a carjacker drove off with the woman's baby. >> you will hr from the officers who found the baby. a stolen suv with a one-year-old baby boy on board. >> the safety of the child was number one. >> police officers are both fathers themselves. they had heard an suv with the baby inside had been stolen. >> hearts are pounding. you do not know what the person is thinking. >> are around 7:30 this morning, the mother left the baby to run back into the house briefly. a stranger jumpebehind the wheel. >> she approached the door and turned around to see your vehicle driving off.
. >> virginia republican congressman eric cantor says his office in richmond was pierced by bullet. he said this disproves attention from some democrats say the threats of violence was only to one party. some have received telephone threats and some have had their offices vandalized. >> we have 52 degrees outside and it's raining. >> marion darian tax trouble. we will tell you why he owes big money to the irs again. -- marion barry. >> end of the start of the cherry blossom festival kicks off in the nation's capital. >> will be other holdout for the opening weekend? brian van de graaff will have the full forecast. also, an accident on interstate 270. looks like it's blocking >> good morning. brian van de graaff on this friday. we have some rain this morning. even have the pockets. south and east of southern maryland some heavy pockets. we will see off and on rain through the midday. in the midafternoon the cold air arrives. we are in the 50's currently. before the day is over, we will be in the 40's. 52 degrees in hunting down. temperatures falling through the afternoon. showers should tap
is fabulous between baltimore and richmond. we're good on 81, the dulles toll road, and even 270, moving smartly between frederick and the beltway. newschopper 7 in just below a while. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have breaking news out of chillum. a car hit four people. three people were transported with minor injuries. a fourth person have more serious injuries. an adult male was arrested. >>> the deadly earthquake in chile. rescue crews searched for survivors. local law-enforcement groups are looking to stop some rampant looting. courtney robinson joins us out with the latest from the quake zone. good morning. >> it seems despite efforts, the devastation continues. the president of chile toward the devastation. they're taking steps on asking for help in the rebuilding. >> the damage is not over. powerful aftershocks can still be found. more than 700 are reported dead. >> i did not know what to do. >> rescue efforts are underway. thousands are trying to survive, looting supermarkets for food and diapers. this woman said children are dying. the nation is forced into chaos. the poli
. >> (music playing). >>reporter: gary richmond is a stinging stockbroker who talked mcdonald's in to turning its dining room in to a si natra showroom. >> i call it mcnatra. >> (music playing). >>reporter: when he started, his show drew a few friends. two years later there's a following. >> we're in the front row. >> let's hear it for mcdonald's own. reporter: for an hour-and a half, richmond and a troop of her formers take the crowd down memory lane. some get a burger, but everyone gets a ballad. >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: among the faithful who flock here each monday, are a bolognae salesman, bell dancer and a retired dancer. wilber used to dance on broadway. now he swings through mcdonald's. >> what would we be doing, you know? it's something to look forward to. >> i can't believe this is mcdonald's. >> (singing). >>reporter: of the hundreds of guests who come for a quick carry-out, many wind up sitting and watching the show. >> it's weird. >> no, it's not weird. >> it's my mother. my mother is 60-something. >>reporter: for those who grew up with this music, it's a reminder o
. someone found personal items belonging to him along the james river in richmond today. university police do not suspect foul play. >>> civil rights icon dr. dorothy heights is getting get well cards and birthday wishes. dozens of people gathered at national council of negro women today to celebrate her birthday but she wasn't there. her friends thought she looked tired so they took her to howard university hospital. she insisted the party go on so her 98th birthday was celebrated in her absence. >> they say she went there kicking and jeeping, okay. this was -- and screaming, okay. this was in the a happy moment. >> she needed a rest to be very honest. she was just plain tired. >> dorothy height remains in serious condition. meanwhile the people at the party made home video messages wishing her a happy birthday. >>> rather larry platt's song about pants on the ground some now one virginia student is using those lyrics to change his school's bad habits. >>> plus, a bandit breaks into cars at a metro parking garage. wait till you hear how he was caught. >>> two former presidents in haiti. b
directly threatened. a bullet was shot through the window of my campaign autopoffi richmond this week and i've threatening e-mails. >> about the bullet, mr. cantor, the richmond police department said it was a stray bullet fired randomly into the air and it hit a window on a downward trajectory. it broke the window pane but didn't have enough force to break through the blinds and the window was on the bottom there are and the congressman, i believe congressman, you do lease the top floor. this is really a classic example of the righties take a morsel of information and maybe a little bit of truth and then they just twist it into a mountain of lies. and now they're making a campaign out of it. eric cantor used that story to try to stick it to the democrats. the ones who are actually receiving the death threats these days. capitol police intercepted a letter sent to democratic congressman vick snyder of arkansas that said because of his vote on health care reform, "militia central has selected you, militia central has selected you for assassination. if we cannot stalk and find you in washingt
richmond, our nbc station down there. you covered a lot of stories in washington. >> yes. six years as the anchor of the morning news in richmond. i was down here for several events. it's exciting now to be officially in d.c. and here at c wrc. >> and you'll be anchoring saturday and sunday mornings. >> that's right. >> in our brand new set, just weeks ago. >> we have a nice one set unveiling in a few weeks. >> looking forward to it. >> welcome aboard, aaron. >>> tonight, the u.s. embassy in chile says it's trying to find almost 1,000 americans in the earthquake-ravaged country. the embassy has a team searching for americans. so far, they've found 30. meanwhile, chileans are not happy with the government's delivery of aid. they say it's taken too long to get water and food. chile's president says hundreds of tons of supplies are getting delivered in the earthquake zone now. if you'd like to help relief efforts in chile, we've compiled a list of organizations taking donations. go to and search "chile." >>> veronica johnson here in storm center4. a breezy, drizzly an
. a bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in richmond this week. >> it turns out the bullet that hit the congressman's virginia office was actually a stray. which may say something about richmond. richmond police now say that the bullet in question was fired into the air, and just happened to strike the office window on its way back down. you can't make that up. >>> next up, feel free to file this one under ironies if that one wasn't worthy. at a nasa seminar for procurement officials, officials who work for nasa, a seminar for those who buy things on behalf of the space agency, they use your tax money of course. nasa ponied up $66 per person, per day, for bagels, cookies and juice. total cost? for bagels, cookies and juice? more than $62,000. this, according to the office of the inspector-general. nasa promising to review its spending policies. hope the bagels were good. >>> finally, kudos today for to the aingely can church, offering spiritual comfort to voters who are almost as disenchanted with their politicians as we are the uk government has been rocked by s
careers in politics. the university of richmond, in richmond, virginia, hosts the hour and a half talk. >> my name is juliet landfair and i work here at the university of richmond for west hampton college. tonight we are going to be talking about how the sit-ins changed america. and this is a big topic, a very big topic and we're lucky to have two significant scholars here to talk to us about it. 50 years ago this past monday, four college men from north carolina a & t college arrived back in campus for their second semester and it was a few weeks into 1960, a brand-new decade. six years had passed since the supreme court handed down the brown decision ruling that segregated schools were inherently unequal, unconstitutional. five years had passed since the montgomery bus boycott had started. and three years had gone by since the high school students at central high in little rock had desegregated that institution and yet for these young men sitting in their dorm room talking to one another looking around them in greensboro, north carolina, little had seemed to change. segregation seeme
a few high thin clouds up north and they are as far as richmond, northern neck over to the southern area of delmarva. not seeing the clouds here in washington. the nine future cast puts it in motion. that system is getting out of here. we don't see anything starting to arise. if you happen to be watching in hd, well to the west you see the finn first signs of the system coming in. that affects us sunday in to monday. we have a long while to go between now and then before the next chance of appreciable weather coming in and affecting us will be in the forecast. high temperatures today. it there is. rockville, gaithers before, 68, 69. annapolis is steady at 67. baltimore-washington 65. 68 andrews and brandy wine 69. 70-degree temperatures in northern virginia for springfield to reston, the dulles area, fairfax. overnight temperatures again it is warmer as we go to the heart of the district. go outside and mainly upper 30s for us right now. and the friday forecast, rounding out the workweek in perfect fashion. lower 70s for many. if we see a couple of 60s you are awfully close to that 70- d
advisories out this morning. temperatures right now 41 here. 40 richmond and norfolk. pittsburgh is 30. cumberland 34 and atlantic city right now upper 30s. locally 41 degrees at national. the dew point is 28 and the wind is north at five miles an hour. the storm system here and in the southeast. look at all the rain and snow mix across tennessee, northern alabama. that storm is moving up toward us. a little closer in picture and you can see how the moisture is getting in to southwestern virginia. as we look at the fine future cast you will see as we head to tonight, the storm is close enough that while we will get some snow it should be warm enough i'm thinking mainly grassy accumulations on the and tomorrow and then it pulls away by wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. as we look at the seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to recover nicely after we get past thursday. friday 40s and then the weekend 50s and by monday we are talking 60 degrees. looking much better the second half of the week. now, back to andrea. >>> if you are suffering from sleep apnea, a trip to the den
. high temperatures south of us. richmond up to 63. mild stuff. we did beat norfolk. satellite radar picture it is a clean, clear sweep across the mid atlantic. nothing out there. clear skies all the way through west virginia, kentucky, tennessee into illinois. you have to get up into chicago to find any significant cloud cover. it is cooler in that direction. giant area of high pressure. wrapping around the high pressure is a cool, west wind. we had that today. as the high collides east, tomorrow we'll be right under it. we'll see less wind. should see high temperatures back up close to 60 degrees if not at 60. forecast into the day tomorrow. we open keep it clear. into the day on wednesday we'll start off clearing up. then a few more clouds and a chance of rain as our next storm system moves in from the gulf. this is going to be a big rain maker for last couple of days of the week. we don't deal with it until late wednesday evening. another 48 hours here dry and beautiful looking spring weather. tonight 42. mostly clear. we'll cool down after sunset. tomorrow another gorgeous day.
you always like the word yesterday, we weren't too bad, came in at 42 and 40 in richmond, now to the interior, we see the blue, yes blues mean cold. 38 degrees in pittsburg, altoona around 38 as well and here in baltimore, 42. but you know what that was below average. at this time of the year we should be around 50 for the high. the normal low is right at 30 and we won't be setting any records today. thank goodness, lots of cheers yea we don't see the 5 degrees set back in 1873 but some of you might want the 80 we set back in 1923. we will take that but this is what we are looking at. the satellite and radar looks good as is system works out of here and yes, high pressure is going to build in. we like high pressure with high pressure you get the is sinking air, and that mean it is air can't rise, if the air can't rise it can't form clouds because it cools off and condenses and from the clouds the rain falls but we are not seeing any of that into time. we will see plenty of sunshine in here especially into friday and saturday, and even through the weekend. make sure you get thr
clear skies. upper 30s here. 20s in cumberland and pittsburgh. 36 charlottesville and richmond and here in town we sit at 39 degrees. looking at the day at a glance, temperatures by noon in the mid- 50s by 5:00 in the upper 50s. we will top off near 60 today. a great spring-like start to the week. a wind chill of 34 and at 4:31 here's the traffic. >>> hello, welcome back from the weekend. hope you are off to a great start already so early. we begin with a look at 95 and the bw parkway, clean and green and smooth sailing toward the beltway. as we take it to 270, we move it outside and show you everything is clear frederick past 121 toward the split. hey, virginia, tracking 66, as well. heading eastbound, every everything is okay gainesville to centreville to inside the beltway. we are taking you to 395 northbound. we are incident free from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge and finally call it a wrap within the district. a nice quiet commute pretty much all over dc. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> votes are being counted i
richmond to norfolk to roanoke. everybody running above the normal pace here on this thursday, the 11th of march. typically we'd expect freezing in the morning of 52 in the afternoon. 75 in 1967. sun comes up at 6:24. down at 6:10. we'll be watching a cloudy start, but maybe some sun, midday and early afternoon. there's a batch of rain rolling through southern maryland. south of the bay bridge. south of easton over through salisbury, ocean city. getting wet this morning. there's the back edge of the moisture. there's a patch of clearing that will try to build in here. we get that in here 10:00, 11:00. look at this spin here. this area of low pressure winding up across the northern plains. as it pulls down some cold air and snow, the severe weather has broken out, pushing mild air through the eastern half of the nation. severe thunderstorms here, watch for tornado outbreaks yesterday. more thunderstorms will continue in the deep south and spread up in our direction. this is a slow-mover, once it gets here, it'll be here for some time. we have spotty showers to arrive overnight and tomorr
the southeast soared well into the upper 70s. 77 charleston. nearby richmond 75. mid 80s towards st. louis. big shift in the weather pattern. we'll see numbers like this as we push into the next several days. 42 clear and cold tonight. breezy weather. on the whole not bad. tomorrow your two-degree guaranteed temperature 77. sunny skies. warmer. you have to love it. these are the forecasts we love to give here as we go into early april. 47 tomorrow night. crystal clear. not as chilly. seven-day forecast. here's how it shapes up into easter weekend. nothing but sunshine. thursday, friday, maybe a few clouds saturday sneak in. just fantastic weather. warmest weather of 2010 coming our way. just in time for easter. kelly? >> thank you, wyatt. >>> we have good news for your chocolate lovers. chocolate is good for your heart. but there is one catch. we'll explain in tonight's health alert. >>> plus, tax day is approaching. how to help others this tax season. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. so hurry, act now to get fios tv, internet and phone at the supe
threatened, a bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in richmond this week and i have received threatening e-mails. >> reporter: capital police and the fbi are worried about threats to dozens of members of congress. someone smashed the windows at democratic congresswoman in arizona and new york. virginia tea party addressed to tom periello's brother and found his home gas line sever jood his brother has a number of young children. there was propane gas in the house that could have exploded and could have of cost the loss of lives. >> reporter: atmosphere that encouraged violence. john baner suggested a democratic colleague who voted for health reform was a dead man. >> politically. >> reporter: kantor was trying to die g.o.p. to acts of violence that both parties condemned. >> i have deep concerns that some are dangerously fanning the flames by suggesting that these incidents be used as a political weapon. >> well in response maryland democrat chris van holland was attending a funeral in arlington. arlington. >>> university of maryland police want to you take a good lo
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